Two weeks ago Director I am Svensson and I shot a short commercial for Cräck, a small company in Munich that produce sugar and spices styled and branded like drugs.

CRÄCK Sugar & Spice “The Cräck Kitchen”

Director: I AM SVENSSON (
D.O.P.: Sven Brandt (
Editor: Bo Ismono (

The Cook: Pia Lee West

Audio: Florian Timm-Peters
Clapper & Production Assistant: Korbinian „Kirby” Waßmuth
Make Up: Pamela Dansoh
Foodstyling: Valentin Broer
Location: Patrick Möhlenhof

Colorist: Christian Lessner
Audio Mix: Bumblebee Studio (
Cräck Logo by Marcel Drzimotta (

Thanks to
Judith Möhlenhof
Djawid Hakimyar
Daniel Büchler

© 2014


  1. Robin

    Hi !
    Follow your work for a long time.
    Really love it !

  2. Robin

    Just one question.
    You used Youtube : but could you tell why there is no ads in your video ? How did you do that ?
    Thanks 🙂

  3. Robin

    I will Ismono 🙂
    Keep great job !

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