WORK (Video): NIKE “Beyond Limits”

I recently edited a Nike specs commercial for a good friend of mine, Florian Bison. Thanks also to Christian Lessner and Florian Timm-Peters for their great help! Enjoy! Director: Florian Bison Grading: Christian Lessner @ Optix Hamburg Audio Mix: Florian Timm-Peters @ Bumblebee Studio

WORK (Video): The Cräck Kitchen

Two weeks ago Director I am Svensson and I shot a short commercial for Cräck, a small company in Munich that produce sugar and spices styled and branded like drugs. CRÄCK Sugar & Spice “The Cräck Kitchen” Director: I AM SVENSSON ( D.O.P.: Sven Brandt ( Editor: Bo Ismono ( The Cook: Pia Lee West Audio: Florian Timm-Peters Clapper & Production Assistant: Korbinian „Kirby” Waßmuth Make Up: Pamela Dansoh Foodstyling: Valentin Broer Location: Patrick Möhlenhof Colorist: Christian Lessner Audio Mix: Bumblebee Studio ( Cräck Logo by Marcel Drzimotta ( Thanks to Judith Möhlenhof Djawid Hakimyar Daniel Büchler Laura ©…


There is a new TVC on my Editor’s Reel: Epson. This was a film made for a 3D presentation. Editing with 3D glasses is kind of weird but fun. Prefer 2D though. Director: Alexander Hanowski Production Company & CGI: Mackevision


There is a new TVC on my Editor’s Reel: VW Jetta. This was a very fun and interessting job. As you can see this TV commercial is a combination out of stopmotion, CGI and live action footage. In the editing process we only used pre-rendered preview footage of the CGI scenes. And the interessting part for me as an editor was, that on one hand I was able to use all the existing footage, but on the other hand I had the option to request different shots from the CGI department if I needed any other shots. As I usually…


I just updated and revised all three photo portfolios on my website. The Alive portfolio is for all my people, lifestyle and corporate shots. In Far Far Away you’ll find travel and street photography. And last but not least Silent. This one is for product shots and some personal work. Just go to Enjoy and please feel free to post any comments or feedback.


Last August I shot a couple of cars for Volkswagen Utility Vehicles. All the shots were used for brochures and magazines. The shooting was supposed to go along a film shooting, so everything had to be quite fast and flexible. All of the shots were available light with one medium octabox on an Elinchrom Ranger for fill. These are just two of about ten different cars that we shot that day.


This is it: The highspeed carchase with explosions, crashes, a hot chick…but no real cars! This film was made for a Volkswagen Competition. Until the 11th of November 2012 you still can vote for my team and I on Facebook (just use this link). We put quite some effort in this film: three days of building the cars, two shooting days and just one editing and postproduction day. We hope you like it, so please feel free to share, comment and vote. Thanks to the whole team and all the supporters!


The project for the animal rights organisation NOAH, on which director Svensson and I were working on, just got another couple of awards. Check out the film on