Edited this trailer for a german TV series a month back. client: ARD director: MANUEL WERNER production company: BAKERY FILMS agency: JUNG V. MATT . For some reason the new blog layout sometimes messes up Youtube videos. If you can’t watch the movie here, please go to my Website and watch it there. Thanks.

TECH TALK: MEDIACOMPOSER 6.0 – A quick review

It’s the first week of the year and my first job with the new Avid Mediacomposer 6.0There are a bunch of new great additions to this software, but as for every .0 version there are a bunch of bugs as well. I love working with Mediacomposer and I prefer it over Final Cut Pro. This is just a quick review and my own opinions that I could experience in working with it thoroughly for the last four days.The biggest change with this new version is definitely the new open hardware option. From now on you’re not limited to the Avid…